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Shesha Shrabana

Shesha Shrabana
Shesha sharabana.jpg
VCD cover
Directed byPrashant Nanda
Produced byNagen Roy
Written byBasant Mahapatra
Screenplay byShibabrata Das
StarringPrashant Nanda
Mahasweta Roy
Banaja Mohanrty
Hemant Das
Dukhiram Swain
Dhira Biswall
Music byPrafulla Kar
CinematographyRajan Kinegi
Edited byMuktar Ahmed
Shri Jaganath films
Release dates
  • 14¬†September¬†1976¬†(1976-09-14)
Running time
129 min

Shesha Shrabana is a 1976 Odia language Indian movie. It is directed by Prashant Nanda. It stars Prashant Nanda, Mahasweta Roy, Banaja Mohanty and Hemant Das . It is based on a novel of Basant Mahapatra by the same name. In 1979, the film remade as Naiyya in Hindi language by the same director. This film achieved great success in terme of box office and acclaimed by reviewers.


Sania (Prashant Nanda) lives with his ailing mother and friend Makara in village. They are fisherman by profession. One day they find a girl named Manika (Mahasweta Roy) in the river and rescue her. Sania brings the girls to his home and they look after the girl. After Manika gets well, Sania and Makara decides to return Manika to their parent. When they reaches Manika's village, Manika's parent refuses to return her back as she lives with the lower cast people for some days. As no other way out, Sania takes Manika to his home. Manika falls in love with Sania. But Sania's heart doesn't allow him to accept the Manka's offer as Manika belongs to a higher caste. Sania, in the meantime tries to find out suitable match for Manika and finds a docter, who comes to the village for the treatment for plague diseases as the village effected by plague. The doctor agrees to marry Manika and leaves the town to get his family's approval. But days passes away, the doctor doesn't return. All the villagers in the village complains of Sania and Manika leaving together. Manika doesn't bear all the blames made by the villager and vanishes. Sanu can not control himself and become insane.


  • Prashant Nanda ... Sania
  • Mahasweta Roy ... Manika
  • Hemanta Das ... Makara
  • Banaja Mohanty... Gauri
  • Dukhiram Swain ... Nidhi Misra
  • Narendra Behera ... Bhola
  • Dhira Biswal ... Village Doctor
  • Mohammad Mohsin ... Mad man


Music of the film is composed by Prafulla Kar.

Haire Hai Garaje Megha Ghum Ghum Mayura NachePrafulla KarChitta Jena, Vani Jayaram
Maajhi Re Shesha Shrabana Puraba PabanaShibabrata DasPranab Patnaik
Manika Alo Alo Manika E Mora ManikaPrafulla KarChitta Jena and Mohd. Habib
Megha barashila Tupuru Tupuru KeshuraPrafulla KarVani Jayaram
Kaali Kapali Narmundamali Mun Basuliprafulla Karprafulla Kar

Box office

The film created a box office record and did run for several weeks in theaters.


Actress Mahasweta Roy debuted in the film after played a small role in the film Sindura Bindu. The film was part of Indian Panorama in 9th International Film Festival of India 1977 held in New Delhi.


  • 24th National Film Awards
    • Best Feature Film in Odia
  • Orissa State Film Awards1976
    • Best feature film
    • Best director ...Prashant Nanda
    • Best story ...Basant Mahapatra
    • Best composer - Prafulla Kar
Source:wikipedia : Shesha Shrabana, released under CC-BY-SA
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